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Evolution vs. Technology: Comparing the Human Brain to Google (Infographic) - Diamond Pillar SEO

I originally wrote this content as the intro to my SEO textbook but decided to put it to the side. I found the file today and decided to just throw it up on the site.

The Evolution of Human Head Computers Human beings and all life as we know it could not survive without search. If all search algorithms were to disappear in a single instant and no longer function, humans would cease to exist at that very same moment in time. This may seem like an exaggeration, but...


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Diamond pillar first post on Blogger

So this might sound childish in a way, but I am overwhelmingly excited finally be posting on Blogger. It's been well over a year and a half since I talked to my sister for search engine optimization. That website is absolutely crushing in the rankings. I am NOT 100% sure what I intend to use this blog for, but as I was going around and claiming all of the social profiles for my company, diamond killer, its finally occurred to me how idiotic it would be too not include blogger in that list. Its you could only utilize 4 social media channels in order to Leverage content that you intend to produce on the internet, which four channels would you use?

Of course SEO is always changing, but at this point in time there is a pretty definitive answer that applies to the overwhelming majority of niches. Frankly, I don't care which for you would pick. But here are my four:

1. WordPress
2. Blogger
3. G+
4. Youtube